<h2>LEONTIADIS </h2><p>Marbles - Granite - Fireplaces</p> <h2>LEONTIADIS </h2><p>Marbles - Granite - Fireplaces</p> <h2>LEONTIADIS </h2><p>Marbles - Granite - Fireplaces</p>
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LEONTIADIS | Marbles - Granite - Quartz

Spata Attica


The company LEONTADIS MARBLES welcomes you in a modern plce in Spata, Attica, at 40 Agia Kyriaki Street. Having years of experience in marble, granite, quartz and fireplaces, it serves you through all kinds of constructions and investments.

Basic principles of our work are the high quality of the materials and the best possible service of the customer, which have placed us high in your preferences over the years. With state-of-the-art technological equipment and experienced staff we can handle any kind of construction, repair and maintenance of marble and rocks.

The processing line includes aprons, floors, stairs, bath linings, kitchen countertops, swimming pools and all kinds of construction, featuring all kinds of marble. We undertake the maintenance and restoration work on marble constructions, as well as rubbing and polishing marble floors.




For more information about our products and services, do not hesitate to contact us.